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Consultation Personal Computers Home Schools
Design Servers & Rooms Home Offices
Installation Cabling Mobile Offices
Set Up DSL, Cable, T-1 & T-3 Small Offices
Configuration LAN & WAN Executive Suites
Maintenance Wireless  
Backups Internet Content  
Diagnostics Mobile  
Repair Security  
Replacement Virus & Malware  
Disaster Recovery Programming  
Insurance Damage Certification DBA Administration  
Network Administration    
Wireless Security    
Internet Access Restrictions    

FREE Consultation

FREE Consultation is extended for every Service

The length of time is determined by the Requested Service and CLEARLY DISCLOSED Up-Front by the Consultant.

The Consultant will also Clearly Disclose the Conclusion of the Free Consultation and proceed as instructed by you.


Verbal Estimates are just that, a Rough Educated GUESSTIMATE.

Because we do not know what has happened to your system from a visual observation and your description of the problem (as detailed, comprehensive and cohesive as it may be).

Until we get into it, we CANNOT tell you EXACTLY what is wrong with it.

Many times the real problem cannot be diagnosed until something else is repaired or replaced.

HOWEVER, we WILL do exactly that after a Diagnostic Fee IS PAID.

The Diagnostic Fee will be based on the Service Requested, Estimated Diagnostic time, and Estimated Write-up Time to Document and supply you with a COMPLETE CERTIFIED WRITTEN ESTIMATE of your request.

Other Companies charge this by use of a $70-150 Bench Fee if your computer touches their desk.

OPTIONS are Always Available, and WILL BE clearly discussed.

Fastest - Permanent / Least Expensive - Best Resolution / Repair - Replacement ...


Installation / Administration / Disaster Recovery / Service / Repair Time & Costs

Begins and Ends when the Consultant walks through your door, answers the phone, connects to your computer,

OR when the Consultant Discloses it.  And they WILL CLEARLY DO SO.

~ We DO NOT Charge a Travel or Setup Fee ~

All Services are Charged by the applicable Hourly Rate and Billed by the Minute.

Example: Consultant arrives at 3:57pm and leaves at 6:04pm ... you will be charge for 127 Minutes of Service.

See chart below for Applicable Hourly Rates.

Our Consultants and Technicians are Trained to be Very Customer Friendly

and will answer any questions you may have about anything in as much detail

as you request until you are satisfied that you understand completely.


Basic Rate Chart

All fees below are for Basic Services

Signed Contracts Discount these rates

All Consultants and Technicians are MS Certified

eMail, Websites & Domains:  

Domain Registration:

$15 - $55 / Year

Website Design:

$0 - $150 / Hour

Website & eMail Hosting:

$10+ / Month - Includes Domain Registration
Services Charges: $250 / Hour - 1 Hr Min

Systems Design & Consultation

$250 / Hour - 1 Hr Min

Systems Administration - Onsite

$250 / Hour - 1 Hr Min

Systems Administration - Remote

$150 / Hour - 1 Hr Min

Graphics Design

$35 - $150 / Hour - 1 Hr Min