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Custom Service and Combustion, Inc.


Prime Areas of Service:

Emergency Callout

CSC offers 24 hour emergency call out service.

To minimize downtime we try to stock the most

common devices and controls for boiler and burner operation. 

37 Point Safety Check


CSC offers a complete safety test procedure to check all operating control and safety devices on your boiler and/or burner.  We provide a report clearly indicating the condition of each applicable device, including what repairs are necessary, if needed. 

Burner Combustion 

CSC uses the latest available technology for testing and adjusting burner combustion.  We offer highly trained technicians to test and adjust your burner for clean emissions at the highest obtainable efficiency.  Results are provided on a printout from the analyzer, on a Safety & Combustion Report, and in digital format, if required.  


Equipment Inspections


CSC provides complete annual equipment inspections.  We bring trained labor and the tools necessary to open and clean boiler/burner units, including pressure washing and soot-vac cleaning.  Gasket kits and parts such as safety relief valves and level controls are offered for most types of boilers.  Our inspections include minor refractory repairs and hydro testing before closing the fireside of the boiler. 



"Offering the highest quality service with the latest technology"

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.