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The Law Office of Robert Gibson


Dr. Gibson has been a practicing Chiropractic physician for 30 years and a licensed Attorney for 18 years, allowing him to better understand both the legal and medical sides of his client’s personal injury claims.

Dr. Gibson is committed to pursuing the highest standard of ethics in the practice of law and business and works hard to achieve the best results for his clients.  Throughout his experiences, he has battled insurance companies to ensure his clients receive the maximum compensation allowable by law for their injuries.

Dr. Gibson also understands that many hospital bills consistently contain coding, or key stroke errors that result in overcharges, double-billing, or billing for services not rendered to the patient. If you feel as if you have been victimized by one or more of these unscrupulous practices, please further explore our web site, or contact us today to better understand your legal rights, and remember knowledge is power!

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