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Medical  Bill  Reduction


As A Doctor…

             I Have Seen How Illness Can Impact A Patient’s Livelihood.

               As A Lawyer…

                                  I Can Do Something About It.

If you have a medical bill that is causing financial hardship, let my office help. Reportedly, medical debt has now exceeded foreclosures as being the #1 reason for people to file bankruptcy.  It is reported that 1.85 million Americans are impacted by medical related bankruptcies.  Don’t let medical bills ruin your good credit.  The Law Office of Robert Gibson will work to lower your medical bills as close to zero as possible. However, you must act quickly.  Listed below are answers to some frequently asked questions. 




Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Your Medical Bills:



Q. Why is healthcare so expensive?

A. The cost of healthcare has been increasing at an alarming rate. By the year 2015, the government estimates that one in every five dollars spent in the U.S. will go towards medical expenses. Hospital charges at one time  used to be related in some fashion to hospital costs.  At present, there is no relationship between their costs and the cost they charge the consumer.  We see that non-profit hospitals are often the most egregious in their cost to charge ratio; despite the fact that they are often being subsided by private and government agencies. Insurance companies and HMO’s bargain with hospitals to reduce the rates they pay the hospital, yet the premiums, co-pays and deductibles paid by the consumer continue to rise. The uninsured, bare the heaviest financial burden by being charged the highest price rate.


Q. What are the odds that my medical bill contains errors?

A. National studies show that over 90% of medical bills contain errors. These errors and overcharges add up to over $10 billion annually. One keystroke error, can add thousands to your bill.


Q.  I am uninsured. What are the chances I have been over-charged?

A. It is very likely that you have been charged 3, or 4 times what others paid for the same service. We can help you with this.


Q. Why are medical bills so confusing to understand?

A. Medical bills are designed to use codes, abbreviations, and medical language that would confuse anyone not extensively trained to decipher their true meaning. One theory is that you will be so confused and overwhelmed that you will simply give up and pay whatever bill they send you.  The other, is that you trust your healthcare provider, and trust that the bill is also correct. Our medical bill review focuses on each and every line item on your itemized bill, to see that you are not charged for items that shouldn’t be charged to you. We know the processes and codes that are used by medical providers.


Q. Do you review only Hospital Charges?

A.  No, we will review all the charges associated with your illness, whether it involves hospitals, laboratories, or doctors offices, although hospital charges are generally the most expensive, and create the most hardship.


Q. What is a reasonable charge for the services I received?

A. A reasonable charge depends on the actual procedure performed, your diagnosis, as well as any complications that may have occurred.  You can’t compare your charges for a gallbladder surgery with that of your neighbors.  

Most insurance company contracts say that they will pay medically necessary and reasonable charges.  Insurance companies usually pay 5% - 12% more than Medicare. However, the uninsured is often billed 3, 4 or even 5 times more than the insured patient.  We do not believe this to be reasonable and can help you find out what a reasonable cost for the service should be.


Q. What must I do first to get started?

A. First, if all you have is a summary bill, request that the provider send you an itemized bill.  If this is a hospital bill, also request that they send along with the itemized bill a UB04 form. This will give us a lot of information to work with. Once you have your bills together. Call our office and we will collect the other information we need to get started on reviewing and lowering your bills.


Q.  Can I use my credit card to pay for your service?

A.  Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

In many instances, time is of the essence, so paying by credit card allows us to get started on your file right away without waiting to have your check clear.